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I come to this sanctuary of learning
that I may find the wisdom
to seek the truth that sets us free
to follow the freedom that sets us right
to uphold the peace that brings us happiness and life in its fullness
to believe in the love that conquers all and makes us whole.

I come to this sanctuary of learning
that I may find the wisdom
to see the light in the midst of darkness
to grasp goodness in the face misfortune
to embrace love amidst evil violence.

I come to this sanctuary
that I may find wisdom
to know myself deeper and others better
to fashion an ordent Bicol person and form a fervent
  Filipino nation adhering to the bond of one global family
to understand humanity closely and appreciate the
  universe clearly in harmony with the ecclesial community
to penetrate the mystery of the way, the truth,
  and the life and celebrate the God of love whom I as an Aquinian adore and abide.
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