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A conducive place for learning-this is how Aquinas University of Legazpi is best described. Not only will you find competent professors but every student also has the chance to enjoy its facilities both for learning and recreation. The university is on its continuous feat in providing well-developed facilities that are essential in field of learning of the students' life. The quality of life of Aquinians is at its finest as compared to the other universities in the region because all the operational systems and processes are computerized. This is therefore a concrete proof that Aquinas offers high quality education in a peaceful and secure atmosphere.

AQ Dome
Sports and other major events of the University are held here.
AQ Dome Gallery

AQ Dome 01 AQ Dome 02 AQ Dome 03 AQ Dome 04

Bar AQ
Through this facility, Hotel and Restaurant Management students can get first-hand applications on how to deal with different daily activities in a restaurant.
Bar AQ Gallery

Bar AQ 01 Bar AQ 02 Bar AQ 04

In any academic setting, the canteen serves to take care of the health of students and the entire AQ community. The canteens of the university are strategically located where they can be accessible to all AQ students and employees.
Canteen Gallery

Canteen 01 Canteen 02 Canteen 03

The Chapel is the heart of all religious activities at Aquinas University of Legazpi.
Chapel Gallery

Chapel 01 Chapel 02 Chapel 03 Chapel 04

Classrooms at AQ have an atmosphere to be conducive to learning. Each classroom can hold 50 students.
Classrooms Gallery

Classroom 01 Classroom 02

University Clinic
This facility provides medical and dental care to students and employees of AQ. The University Clinic was setup to maintain optimum health and promote health care management and hygiene.
University Clinic Gallery

University Clinic 01 University Clinic 02 University Clinic 03 University Clinic 04

Computer Laboratory
Aquinas University of Legazpi has 4 computer laboratories; 3 in the main campus and 1 in the High School Department.
Computer Laboratory Gallery

Computer Laboratory 01 Computer Laboratory 02 Computer Laboratory 03 Computer Laboratory 04

Daragang Magayon Hall
The Daragang Magayon Hall serves as the venue for conferences, seminars and other activities.
Daragang Magayon Hall Gallery

Daragang Magayon Hall 01 Daragang Magayon Hall 02 Daragang Magayon Hall 03

A home away from home. The Sta. Catalina Ladies Dormitory is the residential home of female AQ students.
Dormitory Gallery

Dormitory 01 Dormitory 02 Dormitory 03 Dormitory 04

Guidance Center
The Guidance Center is committed to helping students and the entire AQ community to decision making and coping through different programs such as counseling.
Guidance Center Gallery

Guidance Center 01 Guidance Center 02 Guidance Center 03

The AQ library is the resource and learning center of Aquinas University of Legazpi as it has a huge collection of books and other reference materials helpful for the studentís academic growth.
Library Gallery

Library 01 Library 02 Library 03 Library 04

Media Center
The media center is divided into 4 rooms: broadcast studio, control room, newscast studio, and the newsroom.
Media Center Gallery

Media Center 01 Media Center 02 Media Center 03 Media Center 04

Media Center Hall
Media presentations and other seminars are held in this hall. It is equipped with projectors and other modern facilities for audio visual learning.
Media Center Hall Gallery

Media Center Hall 01 Media Center Hall 02 Media Center Hall 03

School Buildings
School Buildings Gallery

St. Dominic De Guzman Building 01 St. Thomas Aquinas Building 01

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