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About Us

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A conducive place for learning - this is how University of Santo Thomas - Legazpi is best described. Not only will you find competent professors but get the chance to enjoy its facilities both for learning and recreation. The university is continuously upgrading its facilities. Almost all systems and procedures are computerized, enabling UST-Legazpi to offer high quality education in a peaceful and secure atmosphere.

UST-Legazpi Dome
Sports and other major events of the University are held here.
UST-Legazpi Dome Gallery

AQ Dome 01 AQ Dome 02 AQ Dome 03 AQ Dome 04 AQ Dome 05

Aqui PreSchool and Elementary
Aqui Gallery

Aqui Computer Lab Aqui Library Aqui Elementary Aqui Rooms

Bar UST-Legazpi
Through this facility, Hotel and Restaurant Management students can get first-hand applications on how to deal with different daily activities in a restaurant.
Bar UST-Legazpi Gallery

Bar AQ 01 Bar AQ 02 Bar AQ 03 Bar AQ 04

School Buildings
School Building Gallery

St. Dominic St. Albert St. John Macias St. Martin St. Thomas St. Pius

In any academic setting, the canteen serves to take care of the health of students and the entire UST-Legazpi community. The canteens of the university are strategically located where they can be accessible to all UST-Legazpi students and employees.
Canteen Gallery

Careme Canteen Createria Canteen Pavillion Canteen RAE Canteen T-Lobby Canteen Vi-an Maes Canteen

The Chapel is the heart of all religious activities at University of Santo thomas-Legazpi.
Chapel Gallery

Chapel Chapel Chapel Chapel

University Clinic
This facility provides medical and dental care to students and employees of UST-Legazpi. The University Clinic was setup to maintain optimum health and promote health care management and hygiene.
University Clinic Gallery

Clinic 01 Clinic 02 Clinic 03 Clinic 04 Clinic 05

St. Raymond de Penafort Convent
Convent Gallery

Convent 01 Convent 02 Convent 03 Convent 04

Drinking Fountains
Drinking Fountains Gallery

Drink 01 Drink 02 Drink 03 Drink 04

Front Fences
Front Fences Gallery

Fences 01 Fences 02 Fences 03 Fences 04

School Gates
School Gates Gallery

Gate 1 Gate 2 Gate 3 Gate 4

School Generators
School Generator Gallery

Generators 01 Generators 02 Generators 03

Hall Way
Hall Way Gallery

Hall Way 01 Hall Way 02 Hall Way 03 Hall Way 04

High School Computer Laboratory
High School Computer Laboratory Gallery

HS Com Lab 01 HS Com Lab 02 HS Com Lab 03 HS Com Lab 04

School Kiosks
School Kiosks Gallery

kiosks 01 kiosks 02 kiosks 03 kiosks 04

Maps of CR
Maps of CR Gallery

cr 01 cr 02 cr 03 cr 04

Quadrangle Gallery

Quadrangle 01 Quadrangle 02 Quadrangle 03

Side Walks
Side Walks Gallery

Side Walks 01 Side Walks 02 Side Walks 03 Side Walks 03

Solar Powered Streetlights
Solar Powered Streetlights Gallery

Solar Street Light 01 Solar Street Light 02 Solar Street Light 03 Solar Street Light 03

Turnstile Gallery

Turnstile 01 Turnstile 02 Turnstilet 03 Turnstile 03

Main Library
The University library is the resource and learning center of UST-Legazpi as it has a huge collection of books and other reference materials helpful for the studentā€™s academic growth.
Library Gallery

Library 2nd Library 2nd Library 3rd Library 3rd

ETC Laboratory
University of Santo thomas - Legazpi has 7 computer laboratories; 5 in the main campus, 1 in the Aqui Preschool and Elementary and 1 in the High School Department
ETC Laboratory Gallery

iMac1 Lab A Lab B Lab C Lab D Lab E

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