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Vision of the AUL College of Health Sciences

The AUL College of Health Sciences envisions itself to be the premiere school of the health sciences in the region whose graduates are emotionally mature, morally upright and academically excellent in the fields of nursing, pharmacy and medical technology.

Mission Statement

The College of Health Sciences commits itself to the

  1. Development of morally upright and competent health care practitioners;

  2. Promotion of health, prevention of illness and rehabilitation of the infirmed;

  3. Conduct of research in the health sciences;

  4. Development of qualified core faculty in the health sciences;

  5. Establishment of linkages with industry in research and development;

  6. Sustenance of a community extension program with adopted communities.

Institutional Objectives

  1. To comply with the requirements of a research university;

  2. To improve student performance;

  3. To work for the local and international accreditation of academic programs;

  4. To respond to the changing local and global challenges;

  5. To engage all stakeholders in community development and extension programs;

  6. To create an educational environment that promotes and instills robust sense of Christian and professional values for public service.

Program Educational Objectives

The College of Health Sciences aims to develop competent and morally upright Aquinian health care professionals working for a holistic and responsive health care. He shall:

  1. Practice safe and quality health care according to established practice and legal standards in all settings.

  2. Pursue personal and professional development towards quality improvement through research, collaboration and teamwork.

  3. Uphold spiritual, moral and emotional formation programs of the Aquinian community.

  4. Engage in community service through pro-active advocacies on environmental protection, disaster risk management and preparedness.

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