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Vision of the College of Engineering, Architecture and Fine Arts

The College of Engineering, Architecture and Fine Arts of Aquinas University of Legazpi envisions itself to be the leading, proficient, dynamic and sustaining center of ENGINEERING, ARCHITECTURE, FINE ARTS AND COMPUTER SCIENCE education marked by the Aquinian Culture and its Catholic and Dominican orientation.

Mission of the College of Engineering, Architecture and Fine Arts

The College of Engineering, Architecture and Fine Arts of Aquinas University, inspired by St. Thomas, commits itself to the pursuit of truth through distinct application and dissemination of knowledge, immersed in Christian Values essential for the development of the Community, the Country, the Church and the World to produce competitive engineers, architects, artists, and information technologists.

Goals: The CEAFA aims to:

  1. sustain the academic programs in line with engineering, architecture, computer science, and fine arts;

  2. produce responsive graduates and students;

  3. improve on academic performances by the students and faculty;

  4. attain local and international recognition of its students, faculty, and administrative staff;

  5. support the research and development program of the university.

Objectives: The CEAFA aims to:

  1. continually produce graduates and attain an increase in enrollment;
    • - to encourage faculty to become full-time in employment status;
      - to recognize the need for expansion of the department;

  2. review the requirements of CHED
    • - to comply with accreditation requirements

  3. produce students and graduates who are:
    • a. developed as total persons - spiritually, morally, emotionally, intellectually and socially; as responsible stewards of Godís creation and teaching;
      b. academically competent and capable; technically skilled; qualified for both local and international standards.
      c. advocates of social, political, economic and moral reforms for community development.

  4. closely monitor academic services by the faculty and performance of the students;

  5. produce and recognize students, graduates and faculty members who are able to identify potentials in the physical environment and advocate programs for community development;
    • - to produce and recognize students of exemplary academic performance and who participate in both local and international competitions/assemblies/seminars and workshops;
      - to support and recognize faculty members for exemplary professional contributions

  6. encourage the faculty to take up post-graduate courses as part of their professional development programs.

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