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Schedule of Issuance of Requests

Type of Request Processing Period Follow-up After Date of Filling
Official Transcript of Records (OTR)
First Copy
    Graduate of May/October 1 month 3rd Week
    Non-Degree 1 month 3rd Week
Re-issuance or Recopy
    Old Graduates 1month 3rd Week
    Graduates from 2005 to 2007 2 weeks 1st Week
Enrollment 1 day with waiting time only
Medium of Instruction 2 days 2nd day (release)
Units Earned 1 week 1st week
Diploma Translation 2 days 2nd day (release)
    First to Second Year 1 week 3rd day
    First to Fourth/Fifth Year 2 weeks 1st week
Course Description & Content
    First Year (with 2 sems) 1 week 3rd day
    Second Year (with 4 sems) 2 weeks 1st week
    Third Year (with 6 sems) 3 weeks 2nd week
    Fourth Year (with 8 sems) 1 month 3rd week
    Fifth Year (with 10 sems) 1 month 3rd week
    First Copy 1 month 3rd week
    Re-issuance 1 week 3rd day
Transfer/Honorable Dismissal
    HD for Graduate 2 days 2nd day (release)
    HD for Non-Graduate 2 days 2nd day (release)
Special Order (S.O.)
    First Copy 1 month 3rd week
    Re-issuance 2 days 2nd day (release)
Authentication (local use)
    Students Records half-day with waiting time only
Authentication, Verification and Authentication (CAV) – CHED see separate procedure
Correction of entry of name and date of birth 2 to 3 days 3rd day (release)
Permit to cross enroll 2 days 2nd day (release)
Re-issuance of student’s ID and registration form 1 day For release on or before 4 pm
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