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Registrar Services

The OUR is most active during the enrollment and graduation periods. However, we offer other services such as:

  • Issuance of certification of grades/enrolment/graduation/general weighted average
  • Processing of discounts of academic scholars, billing forms of other scholars of CHED, DOST, GSIS, SSS and Congressional/OWWA /DFA beneficiaries.
  • Request for correction of entries of names, date/place of birth.
  • Request for Certification, Authentication and Verification (CAV) for overseas employment.
  • Students' evaluation and advising.
  • Cross-enrollment.
  • Request for another issuance of OTR and diploma/Special Order.
  • Students' dropping/shifting to another course of studies.
  • Verification of records.
  • Express Lane is available.


The following procedure facilitates the issuance of request.

  1. Official Transcript of Records (OTR)
    1. Know your student # and fill-up the application form completely.
    2. Seek clearance and pay the necessary fees.
      n.b.: Re-issuance of OTR/Diploma requires only clearance/approval from Finance Division and Dean's office.
    3. Submit one latest 2 x 2 photo & one piece of documentary stamp.
    4. File accomplished application form for processing.
    5. Ask for the "Claim Stub." The claim stub indicates when to follow-up/receive your request, and it should be presented when claiming for the request
  2. Certification
    1. Follow the same steps in A except no. 3.
    2. Seek clearance and pay the necessary fees.
      n.b.: Currently enrolled students have to secure clearance /approval from the Finance Division and Dean's Office only. However, clearance from all identified clearing offices is required for applicants who are no longer enrolled.
  3. Diploma
    1. For FIRST COPY, follow Steps 1 & 2 only in A.
    2. For 2nd & last copy, the applicant should execute an affidavit before a notary public stating the circumstance/reason for seeking another copy.
    3. Pay the fee of Three Hundred (P300.00) pesos only to the Cashier's Office.
  4. Honorable Dismissal/Certificate of Transfer
  5. Non-Graduates

    Follow the same Steps in A.

    • Honorable Dismissal (HD) is issued after the close of the term for students who are still enrolled and intend to transfer.
    • Students who are not in the school for several years can secure "HD" anytime during office hours.
    • HD is released only once.
    • Issuance of duplicate of Certificate of Transfer/HD requires an execution of a notarized affidavit stating the circumstance(s)/reason(s).

    Graduates (For Graduate Schools that require Certificate of Transfer)

    Follow the same Steps in A.

    Note: An Authorization Letter is required from applicants who cannot claim the request personally. The letter must contain the applicant's present address, contact number and his/her relationship to the authorized person. The authorized person must present an identification card when claiming.

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