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Student Development Services Programs

The SDS Office has varied programs extended to all students whose objectives are all directed to the development of the students' whole personality. Among them are the following:

Orientation Program

The Orientation Program is a collaborative work between the academic and non-academic units of the university which aims to orient students about AQ way of life and facilitate their integration into the AQ Culture. The orientation program is divided into three components:

  • University Orientation (Orientation for New Students)
    Guidance Integration Program
    • AQ Personality Enhancement Program (Guidance 1)
    • AQ Culture Formation Program (Guidance 2)
  • College Orientation
  • Classroom Orientation

Information Program

This service provides students all available information regarding educational, occupational and vocational opportunities offered by the University. Most of the information are disseminated through bulletin boards and publication in the Aquinas University.

Scholarship Program

The university provides educational opportunities to its constituents in the form of grants, discount privileges and scholarship package. An institutional scholarship program has been provided for such opportunity by the university to poor and deserving students (Student Assistantship Program).

Student Leadership Program

The SDS is confident on the role of student organizations not only in the formation of students but also for leadership enhancement. As it facilitates the learning process of students through co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, organizations gives students leaders the ability to develop planning, organization and communication skills.

Enrichment Program

This is a special program of the SDS aimed at assisting identified students who have difficulties in reading comprehension and vocabulary building (Reading Development/Educational Support Program).

Counseling Program

Counseling is the heart of the Guidance program. This service aimed at assisting students make wise decisions through self-understanding, discover their strengths and limitations, explore options available that will lead him to make satisfactory adjustment in and out of the campus.

  • individual/group counseling
  • personal/interpersonal
  • career counseling
  • academic
  • online counseling through chatroom (8:00am to 5:00pm Monday - Friday)

Testing Program

This service is handled by the psychometrician assigned in the Testing Center. They provide the following services:

  • Admission Test
  • Psychological Test
    • Personality
    • Interest
    • IQ and others
  • Testing of Faculty and Staff Applicants

Career & Placement Program

This program offered by the SDS Guidance Program is of three types:

  • Placement of students in degree programs most suited to their personalities, abilities and interest as revealed in the AUCAT scores and psychological tests.
  • Placement of students in special services designed for their optimum growth and development such as enrichment and/or remedial classes and participation in clubs and organizations like STAGE, Chorale, Dance Troupe, etc.
  • Placement of graduates on the job which is made available in coordination with government and NGO's

Student Housing Program

The dormitory services provide and assist students especially those residing outside the city to settle in a safe and comfortable abode and make their stay worthwhile. It is located inside the university which gives residence a greater accessibility and convenience.

Health and Sanitation Program

  • Clinic
    The Aquinas University Clinic takes charge of monitoring and maintaining the health of students, support personnel, faculty members and administrators. It is staffed with a physician, a dentist and two registered nurses. It is open from 7:30am. to 7:30pm. from Monday to Friday.
  • Canteen
    Food services in the campus are provided by Sandis Cafeteria and AQ LMC-MPC Food Center which are located at the Ground Floor St. Dominic Building. They are open daily on a self-service basis during week days from 7:30am to 5:30pm. The SDS office conducts a pre-evaluation and post evaluation of the canteen services to promote healthy food practices as well as to ensure the availability of safe, nutritious and affordable food items to students and employees of the University.

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