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ITC Services

Administartive Services

From maintaining registration and financial systems to developing new applications for AQ's unique needs, ITC supports the day-to-day administrative functions of the University that keep our institution running smoothly. Take a look to see how we are hard at work behind the scenes.

Application Development

[Q]- What is application Development?

[A]- Software Develoment Services is provided by ITC in order to assist departments across campus in developing new software or modifying existing software for institutional uses.

Get Started

To request an application be developed or modified, for your department by Application Development Services (ADS) you must follow this procedure:

[1]- Submit "ITC ADS Request for Service"
[2]- Request is approved by your supervisor
[3]- Request is assigned to ADS team member in the appropriate area
[4]- To request a web application be developed or modified to exist in the AQ Portal
[5]- Submit "ITC ADS Request for Service"
[6]- Request is approved by your supervisor
[7]- You will be contacted by ADS Project Manager to discuss project
[8]- Based on ADS project load, the application will be prioritized and assigned a projected development schedule


Data Warehouse

[Q]- What is Data Warehouse?

[A]- Data warehousing is the process of organizing and archiving historical operational data in a manner that it can be retrieved to assist decision-makers in increasing administrative efficiencies and expanding data access. A data warehouse typically stores historical data related to all aspects of an entity's operations. For example, a typical research university's data warehouse might contain historical data related to admissions, registration, research, human resources, financial services, patient billing, and procurement data. Each of these segments may be represented by a data mart. As suggested by its name, a data mart is a mini data warehouse that is designed to meet the needs of a particular department or function. For example, a university corporate data warehouse may include a financial data mart that financial support persons query in developing trends related to budgeting and spending.

my.AQ Account

Send. Receive. Connect. Fast and effective communication is critical in today's fast-paced world, but there is more to it than just your inbox. Explore the many ways of communicating at AQ and familiarize yourself with the extras that enhance your communication experiences.

IT Security

Breaches of information security can cost an organization more than its good name. At AQ we value and maintain the privacy and security of every student, faculty, and staff member's personal information. But to successfully maintain information security, we need your help. Explore these resources to learn more about how we protect you and how you can further protect yourself.


[Q]- How can I obtain Antivirus Software?

[A]- All networked Windows and Macintosh computers must run Antivirus software. This software keeps your computer free from viruses and other malicious software. At AQ, there is a site license for AVG Antivirus that is free for every computer on campus and on your home computer.

Get Started

This software can be downloaded from helpdesk. If you have any problems downloading AVG Antivirus please see our instructions. Click here for information on the latest threats, hoaxes and Antivirus answers to your questions.

Disaster Recovery

[Q]- How can I learn more about Disaster Recovery?

[A]- It is not a matter of "if" a disaster will occur, but "when" a disaster will occur. It is important to understand the possible risks and develop steps to minimize the risks to an acceptable level. Planning for potential interruptions and having a plan in place for recovery is critical. Disaster recovery teams need to understand their roles and responsibilities. It is important to NOT make assumptions, but TEST your plan at least annually and modify it as needed.


Get Started

To learn more about disaster recovery and how it effects you. Please visit our website.

Safe Practices

[Q]- What are Safe Practices?

[A]- Access to networked computer resources in general and to the Internet, in particular, supports the academic community by providing a link to electronic information in a variety of formats and covering all academic disciplines. As with any resource, it is possible to misuse computing resources and facilities and abuse access to the Internet. Each of us has a responsibility to ensure that we do everything possible to reduce the potential for intrusion, alteration, or loss of information on the campus network. Gaining a knowledge of best practices for securing networked computer resources will help protect against security breaches.

Get Started

[1]- Use and Update AntiVirus Software
[2]- Computer Security Reference document search for your answers to your security questions
[3]- Keep Your Operating System Current and Updated
[4]- Use Email Responsibly
[5]- Don't Use Chat or Instant Messaging Software
[6]- Don't Use P2P File Sharing Software
[7]- Use Remote Access Responsibly
[8]- Don't Share Your Data to The World
[9]- Protect Your Data
[10]- Data Encryption
[11]- Guidelines for Protecting Sensitive Data
[12]- Guidelines for Recovering Data from Employee's Workstation

Policies and Forms

Sometimes you might work on a project which requires special documentation- such as a Media Consent and Release form required for video or audio recording a class- and everyone should be familiar with AQ 's Computer Use Policy. Follow the regulations established in these policies and use the required forms when necessary to ensure that you continue to operate in accord with University, local, state, and Federal rules and laws.


Hardware and Software

Keeping up to date with the latest technology is not always easy, but whether you want to download AVG Anti Virus software or need guidance concerning a new piece of hardware, ITC is here to help.

]- Downloads
]- Supported Software
]- ACE

[Q]- What is ACE?

[A]- ACE stands for Academic Computing Environment and is designed to help students make informed decisions when purchasing a computer for college and to help ensure that computer continues to work properly. ACE coordinates with academic departments to identify what models meet departmental requirements and recommendations, negotiate affordable pricing with vendors, and most importantly, ACE provides on-campus technical support for AQ students free of charge.

Internet and Web Publishing

Whether you need to create a website for a class or access the internet on your laptop while enjoying a cup of coffee in the university canteen, ITC offers several internet and Web publishing services that can help you on your way.


[Q]- What is Connect2AQ?

[A]- AQ has created a new process that requires Campus users to log into the university network. Until logged in, users cannot access the Internet, e-mail or instant messaging. Coined "Connect2AQ", the new process guards the university network against hackers, viruses and worms, and allows AQ network administrators to better protect confidential faculty, staff and student data while keeping the network up and running smoothly.


[Q]- What is Wireless and How Do I Connect?

[A]- AQ's wireless network is accessible in all campus locations . Connecting to the wireless network with your laptop or PDA allows you to conduct research, complete coursework, and surf the Internet without being tethered to a port. Accessing the wireless network is possible with an AQ supported IEEE 802.11b/g network interface card (NIC) installed on your mobile device and successful login with your MY.AQ account.



[Q]- What is FTP?

[A]- The function of FTP software is to transfer Web page files and related documents to a host server so the material can be viewed by the public. A variety of FTP programs are available.

Get Started

A variety of FTP programs are shown below and even more can be found by searching the Web. Choose FTP software that best suits your needs.

WS_FTP Software

WS_FTP software is no longer a free software download off the ECU Downloads Website. You may still download a free, 30-day trial version, but you must pay for the software once the evaluation period ends. Listed below are some free FTP packages we have tested that can be used to replace WS_FTP.


AceFTP's drag-and-drop interface, designed in a Windows XP fashion, lets you transfer files quickly and efficiently and lets you navigate with ease among folders, Web sites, and your computer. This software has high upload and download speeds and enables you to perform multiple file transfers simultaneously. This link will enable you to download the FTP program.


FileZilla is an FTP program for file uploading and downloading to and from your FTP site, server, or host. The program lets you transfer files and navigate among folders, Web sites, and your computer. This software enables you to perform multiple file transfers simultaneously.

If you need help with one of these FTP programs or documentation, please contact us.

Note: We do not recommend using the built-in FTP program in IE.

Web Design

[Q]- I Need to Design a Web Site. Where Do I Begin?

[A]- Designing Web pages and Web sites can be very enriching and fulfilling both as a hobby and as part of your career as a student, faculty, or staff member. Whether you are a professor sharing lectures and assignments with students via the Web or you are a student submitting an assignment in Web page format, we have a number of tools and resources available to assist you in planning, creating, and posting your Web sites.


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