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Hosting of Events

Whenever AQ conducts activities, hosts events sponsored by external organizations or in collaboration with AQ, the Office of Safety and Security must be given copies of the plan to effect the appropriate safety and security measures.

Safety Plans for Eruptions, Typhoons, Floods, Fire and other Emergencies

A Safety Committee will be organized to recommend or take measures in case of volcanic eruption, typhoon, flood and other emergencies. AQ will draft a plan for activation during emergency or calamity. Each office will prominently display an exit route.

When typhoon signal number 2 is raised by Pagasa, classes in the high school shall be automatically suspended. When typhoon signal number 3 raised by PAgasa, classes in the entire AQ shall be automatically suspended.

When rains are heavy, causing flood in AQ and vicinity, the Father Rector and President will decide when classes and work will be suspended and who will remain in AQ premises to attend to safety and security concerns.

Seminars and Drills for Safety and Security

AQ will conduct seminars and drills to prevent or minimize the effects of fire, earthquake, bomb, and tsunami threats.

Security of Documents and Equipment

Documents (photocopied, computerized, handwritten, etc.) and equipment of AQ can be taken out of the campus only when there is a written permit from the Dean, department head or other officials of AQ. The permit must specify the document title or folder label, the equipment type and serial number, the office of origin and the place of destination. The usual regulations on acknowledgement of receipt should be followed.

Drug Testing

On the discretion of the Father Rector and President all or some employees, students, and other personnel may be subjected to drug testing to ascertain their compliance with the laws against dangerous drugs.

Upon the recommendation of the Student Development Services (SDS) and the Office of the Safety and Security with the approval of the Father Rector and President, seminars on drug abuse prevention and observance of the provisions on Dangerous Drug Law (R.A. No. 9165) shall be conducted to raise community awareness on the dangers posed by illegal drug use.

Miscellaneous Matters

The Father Rector and President, Vice-Rector for Administration, Secretary-General and Safety and Security Officer will issue memoranda to Security Guards regarding security measures. AQ will observe tightened security during holidays. All AQ personnel are advised not to store cash and jewelry in their offices. They are further advised not devise their own measures to enhance the security of their respective offices. Maximum tolerance and courtesy must be observed by all Security Guards. Unless their lives or health are threatened, Security Guards shall not inflict any physical harm on students and employees.

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