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Certificate in Educational Technology

"Excellence Through Technology"


Designed to meet the professional development needs of educators seeking to use new technologies in their classrooms, the Certificate in Educational Technology program allows practicing teachers to advance their skills in the design, development and implementation of technology-based learning experiences with the latest technological innovations. In addition to improving student learning, applying sound technology practices to curriculum can play a large role in improving the quality of education in the classroom.

Plus, developing an expertise in educational technology can make an educator more valuable to one's school, providing opportunities for career advancement and increased earning potential.


  • to enable school teachers and college faculty incorporate technology into their classrooms and improve the learning environment for teachers
  • to help teachers become adept at integrating technology into their curriculum and using computers as a teaching tool

Course Offerings

  • INTRODUCTION TO EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY – This course introduces the students to using the computer as a tool for instruction in the classroom. The student studies the basic technology, terminology related to both hardware and software through the use and exploration of the system. This is also an introductory course that provides an exciting hands–on look at the possibilities and potentials of computer technology for education. The goal of this course is for pre–service and in–service teachers to begin to use a wide variety of computer–based technology for both professional and instructional use. Completion of the course will leave the students with both senses of all that is possible using technology and concrete ideas about how to infuse technology into their teaching.
  • OFFICE PRODUCTIVITY TOOLS IN THE CLASSROOM – This course is an overall guide to using all the programs and different parts of Office Suite Applications. It contains the following programs: WORD – a word processing program; EXCEL – a spreadsheet program; POWERPOINT – a presentation program; ACCESS – a database program; and SHARED TOOLS – the ClipArt images, fonts, WordArt and many other features available.
  • ELECTRONIC RESOURCES AND PRESENTATION TOOLS – This course introduces students to electronic sources of information and presentation software for communication. It emphasizes the use of CD–ROM, laser disk and internet resources, search techniques, evaluation of sources and ethical and legal issues of using these sources in the classroom.
  • E–LEARNING – This course introduces the students to graphics production and multimedia software for communication. It emphasizes drawing and painting programs, multimedia production programs and Web page production. This course familiarizes the participants with instructional applications of the Web, introduces instructional design theories and methodologies that help integrate the Web into instruction, surveys of exemplary instructional uses of the Web, and provides a dialogue that facilitates the creation of quality Web–based lessons.

Time Frame

Summer (April–May) 2009

Course Offerings Date No. of Hours
Intro to Information Technology April 24 4
Intro to Educational Technology April 25 4
Office Productivity Tools in the Classroom May 1, 2, 8 and 9 28
Electronic Resources and Presentation Tools May 15 8
E–Learning May 16 8
Demo Teaching May 22 and 23 16
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