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Community Service Training Program

The Community Service Training Program (CSTP) of Aquinas University of Legazpi is primarily established to promote student awareness on community realities. Sufficient knowledge on the real-life scenario in communities especially in the poor areas prompts students to extend a helping hand and make a difference in the community even in the smallest possible ways. Students can also practice all the theories that are discussed in the four corners of the classroom.

Through this program, Aquinians are more aware on the latest issues that surround the society and start to develop critical thinking. Because of this, students can voice out their concerns, opinions and ideas on certain issues. It allows students to recognize their strengths and weaknesses and how to respond in situations that needed their action or help. Students who are exposed to the realities of the society become more aware of their responsibilities to the needs of others particularly the less privileged. This simple yet huge contribution of students makes a huge impact on the country's pursuit to progress.

The many programs and activities spearheaded by the CSTP department largely contribute to the overall growth of students not just in classroom settings. Because AQ does not only focus on academics, it hopes that through CSTP it can further promote Filipino culture and the arts. And through every discussion, it can develop and concretize its advocacy programs and community extension activities.

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