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Goals and Objectives

Anent the vision-mission-goals of Aquinas University and the vision-mission-goals of the AQuinian Culture and Student Services Division, the policy declarations and principles of RA 9163 and its implementing rules and regulations, together with CHED guidelines, , the following will be the guiding light of AQ CSTP Services:


In furtherance of the Vision-Mission-Goals of Aquinas University and of the vision-mission-goals of the AQuinian Culture and Services Division, of the principles and policies of the NSTP Law and of the Commission on Higher Education, we hereby commit to:

  • help provide a holistic and progressive formation program for the AQ constituents;
  • develop and implement an NSTP curriculum that is responsive to the needs and aspirations of the communities, the University and the students;
  • develop among our students necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes for health and environment, literacy, disaster risk reduction, social entrepreneurship and governance and culture and for other focus areas of AQ NSTP that will be developed later;
  • organize a competent corps of NSTP and development facilitators and volunteers in the communities and in the University; and
  • assist in the facilitation of community-based development programs and provide appropriate services to mission partners.


Given the above goals, at the end of three (3) years the AQ CSTP Services shall have:

  • developed AQ NSTP curricula that are responsive to the needs and aspirations of the communities, the University, and the students including an effective formation program for the first year students in collaboration/coordination with other units within the AQuinian Culture and Student Services Division and other departments of the university;
  • established community service programs that are responsive to the needs of the communities and that are attuned to their existing culture and resources;
  • created a pool of facilitators/organizers that facilitate studentsā€™ integration with partner communities and other service areas, including government or non-government agencies;
  • A formulated enabling University policies for community service programs;.
  • established the "Centers" for Disaster Risk Reduction, Social Entrepreneurship, Health & Environment, Governance and Culture and Adult/Youth Literacy that are recognized by the university, CHED or other institutions, and especially the partner communities; and
  • assisted in the development of a comprehensive university program for volunteer services (Anduyog youth volunteer program) that shall accommodate NSTP graduate students who are willing to pursue community service while in the university and to sustain NSTP initiatives during summer and first semester periods in the communities.
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