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Community Immersion

Community Immersion, a program of the AQ CSTP, is an experimental process of being with the people in communities. The process helps concretize theoretical classroom discussion through actual experiences. It also raises the level of awareness and consciousness of the realities besetting the people in the communities. And lastly, it promotes involvement and service to the communities.

The AQ CSTP uses the principles of community organizing process as a guide in its immersion programs. It fully recognizes the dynamism and the culture of a given community. AQ considers the community as partners in development and not as mere recipient of any given project or beneficiaries for any welfare programs. For this, it tries to go beyond mere extension work.

More than the belief that the communities are resources for the students' acquisition of knowledge, skills and attitude; AQ CSTP immerse itself in the very situation of the people, hence, it tends to be totally in one with the people.

Each community needs to find its own solutions to its own problems. There are no easy or "universal" answers that can be brought in from the outside. Human factors (more than technical ones) are what make community activities fail or succeed.

To serve those whose needs are greatest, community programs must make every effort to help the weak gain and keep control (sometimes this may mean refusing or limiting assistance from those in positions of power-whether inside or outside the community).

To be healthy is to be self-reliant.

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