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University Structure Attachments

The Rector and President mandated CRES in 2002 to develop and implement the NSTP in the University. With CRES in the forefront of community service efforts and with numerous engagements for community organizing and community development projects, it was able to contribute much in the development and enhancement of the program. CRES lent its human resources to AQ NSTP as volunteer facilitators who have with them varied skills and in depth experiences in community development efforts. At the same time, CRES' partner communities became ready areas for students' community service projects. The safety and security of the students were assured as CRES' community organizers guided the students during their community immersions.

In May 2004, AQ NSTP gradually moved into institutionalization and formalization of its programs and projects with the formal appointment of an NSTP volunteer facilitator who was then serving as personnel in the AQ Foundation to be the Assistant to the CRES Director, In-charge of NSTP. As some of the CRES' personnel went back to full time community work, some were retained to compose the core facilitators of AQ NSTP but remained as personnel of AQFI.

In 2005, while remaining organizationally attached to CCES, AQ NSTP moved into the Student Development Services to help facilitate the on-going collaborative and coordinative efforts in developing the students' formation program. While the Institution through the then Commission on Culture recognized the potentials of AQ CSTP which can be developed as lead unit in the formation program for first year students, AQ CSTP personnel were also challenged and have seen the necessity to collaborate even more with different University units and departments for the ultimate benefit of the students and the partner communities.

With the EO 01 s 2007, which created the Aquinian Culture and Student Services Division, AQ CSTP was put in the same plane with other units and may be given necessary and valuable tasks and mandate for the realization of the Division's goals and plans in accordance to the new directions set by the Rector and President.

Hence, it is but imperative for AQ CSTP to fine tune its existing paradigms, programs and projects including personnel development in order for it to be able to work well according to the new directions and demands of the times.

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