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In the previous years, mankind has experienced their dose of own medicine. Conferences and seminars have been held to tackle the issue. Even politicians are now showing deep concern on looking for possible solutions that would arm the society with the proper knowledge on how to combat this impending challenge. Even scientists have conducted studies and disclosed the harmful consequences of this worldwide phenomenon. The prevailing issue that everyone must be familiar about is the climate change. Today, there is now a growing awareness among people on the different causes and effects of climate change.

Effects of climate change:

  • droughts are becoming more severe as world temperature increase
  • hotter and longer dry periods
  • dry regions are apt to lose more moisture if the weather is hotter; this exacerbates droughts and desertification
  • shifts in the natural world
  • severe storms are occurring more frequently causing intense flooding, more frequent and powerful cyclones and hurricanes
  • extra-strength weather
  • more frequent and intense floods
  • recent increase in "extreme weather events" has been too pronounced

Philippines, particularly the Province of Albay, has also experienced the wrath of Mother Nature through the super typhoon "Reming". Albay has suffered from severe destruction as "Reming" destroyed most of the livelihood of the people as well as their houses. The typhoon also caused thousands of lives, making it one of the worst catastrophes to hit the province. For this, we have to act now to be able to adapt to climate change and lessen the risk by contributing less to the causes. Saving Mother Earth is actually a step to survival. While we are in this together, the younger generation must also be involved so they can have a clear idea in saving the planet. And what better way to teach the youth on the proper information in climate change than in schools.

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