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AQ Extension offers a wide variety of programs for personal and professional development; programs that are taught in convenient area locations. Our flexible yet comprehensive curricula are available in many formats to meet a variety of needs.

AQ Extension to Community leadership development includes programs and skills development for emerging leaders, experienced leaders and citizens who care about their community.

AQ leaders need data on their communities, skills in analysis, interpretation and information management as well as strategies for group visioning in order to plan and prepare their communities for the future.

Celebrate Families is a parent, child, and family skills-building curriculum designed to help parents with children connect with each other; build skills and positive attitudes; and celebrate family strengths.

A violence prevention program for your children ages four to six years, their parents, and early childhood teachers is designed to teach appropriate and inappropriate responses to anger, teach basic conflict resolution skills, and strengthen parents' guidance and discipline knowledge.

For adults in stepfamily relationships with children still living at home (young children, school-age children, and/or teens), grandparents, teachers, counselors, ministers, or other related members, a six-part home-study program and workshop series is offered to build a strong couple relationship, strengthen and enrich parent-child relationships, and understand and resolve important family financial and legal matters.

For parents and youth (ages 10 to 14 years), the Strengthening Families Program is a parent, youth, and family skills-building curriculum designed to prevent teen substance abuse and other behavior problems, strengthen parenting skills, and build family strengths.

Students are invited to one of three summer orientations. Two of the orientations are held in May, and the third orientation is held in June just before the beginning of the first semester.

The Essentials of Learning Program is for applicants for admission who do not meet standard admission criteria because they have a high school GPA below 2.00 in college preparatory classes and/or have recommendations from high school teachers or counselors. This program emphasizes effective study skills, academic counseling, and learning strategies appropriate for courses across the curriculum. The goal of the program is to optimize the opportunities of success for at-risk students.

One of the faculty members of the Department of Languages, Literature and Humanities teaches a Basic Writing Skills course for developmental writers. This course helps to diagnose and remediate deficiencies in grammar, usage, sentence structure, and writing. Students are introduced to the writing process, encouraged to write based on readings, and helped to develop writing confidence.

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