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Academic Council
Aquinas University of Legazpi
Rawis, Legazpi City, PHilippines
(Posted 6-28-06)

Resolution No. 2006-01

A Resolution Expressing Appreciation and Support for Kinatawan Fernandez on His Advocacy for the Protection of the Environment in Rapu-Rapu

Whereas, Aquinas University of Legazpi has advocated for the protection of the environment;

Whereas, the University called for the preservation of the natural beauty promotion of sustainable economic development of the island of Rapu-Rapu particularly through a statement in August 2001;

Whereas, the University has opposed Lafayette Philippines, Inc. and its partners in the mining of Rapu-Rapu for the destruction they would cause on the island and its environs;

Whereas, the University has advanced alternatives for the development of Rapu-Rapu particularly through the joint effort with the UNDP, UK Embassy, and Albay Diocese Social Action Center in the construction and operation f a minihydroelectric plant in Barangay Binosawan, and through a call for the promotion of eco-tourism in the island;

Whereas, the University is ready to forge linkages with other parties with the same stand on the mining issue in Rapu-Rapu;

Whereas, the Albay Sangguniang Panlalawigan members have expressed varying perceptions and opinions on the same issue; Whereas, one member, Kinatawan Dondon Fernandez, has consistently stood against the mining operations of Lafayette Philippines, Inc. and its partners in Rapu-Rapu;

Whereas, Kinatawan Fernandez alone, among the several members of the council, openly manifested such stand, despite the contrary position and silence of the other members;

Whereas, the government suspended the operations of Lafayette Philippines, Inc., after verification of cyanide spills in October 2005;

Whereas, some members of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan tried to pass a resolution that could have contributed to the continuation of mining operations in Rapu-Rapu;

Whereas, Kinatawan Fernandez interposed his objection to the attempt, using all the parliamentary means possible; Whereas, the University is a juridical entity with legal rights under the laws of the Republic of the Philippines; Whereas, the constituents of the University are also law-abiding citizens endowed with rights and duties under the Constitution;

Whereas, all juridical entities and citizens can participate in the affairs of government; Now, therefore, be it resolved, as it is hereby resolved that Aquinas University of Legazpi, through the Academic Council, openly manifest its stand before the Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Albay against mining in Rapu-Rapu; Be it further resolved that the Academic Council express its appreciation and support to Kinatawan Dondon Fernandez so he may know that he has allies outside the Sanggunian ready to influence policy-making in that government body in the interest of environmental protection;

Be it resolved that the Academic Council lobby before the Sangguniang Panlalawigan to take measures to stop mining operations in Rapu-Rapu;

Be it finally resolved that copies of this resolution be provided to Kinatawan Fernandez and the rest of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Albay;

Issued this 10th day of May 2006 during the regular session of the Academic Council

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