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Objectives and Strategies

Establish Sirangan as a knowledge resource center of the University's students, faculty, partner communities and stakeholders.

  1. Salvage damaged books, journals, publications and other references and work for their replacement.

    The University resumed classes last January 3, 2007. With this resumption, the need of students for references has also begun. This task has been continuously being performed by the library personnel.

    While students and other clientele may make do with the salvaged materials, this could not be for long. Replacement of these materials is a necessity inasmuch as continuous usage of references is a practice by one batch to another batch of students. Replacements could be had through solicitations from donors and resource centers. What could not be generated ought to be purchased.

  2. Replace damaged information technology equipment and facilities and work for their upgrade and networking with library services of the University and other knowledge resources in the region and elsewhere.

    Only about thirty percent of information technology properties had been salvaged and are operational. Even these would not last long as the electrical system of the units had been soaked with water and will eventually malfunction. All IT holdings are therefore for immediate replacement.

    Demands of the times necessitate upgrading of IT resources and its networking with library services of the University and other knowledge resources in the region and elsewhere. This is to provide the students opportunities to be competitive in the global human resource accommodation.

  3. Establish the infrastructure for Sirangan.. As expounded in the previous sections, Sirangan is not only a necessity due to a purpose of providing students, communities, clientele and stakeholders with fast and ready access to appropriate and adequate information. Sirangan is a necessity for the University so that a facility is available for the transfer of the library and the student development services departments. It is also necessary so that disaster preparedness is implemented in the design and usage of University facilities such as relocating laboratories and offices to the second floor and elevating the first floors of existing buildings.

Establish Sirangan as a knowledge resource center for regional development.

  1. Maintain and expand the University's Bikol and Science and Technology collections.

    The University has extensive Bikol collections and is a resource and training facility bythe Department of Science and Technology. Consolidation and expansion of these resources spell a lot for regional development and for community and student researches.

  2. Data bank University, faculty and students researches and data generated by other agencies and institutions on Bikol Region.

    While the government secures data on regional development, this, however, does not include studies conducted and data gathered by private initiatives. Consolidation of government and private data will help the decision making of stakeholders on matters affecting regional, local and community development. It is desirable for the University to establish this kind of data bank due to its character as a neutral educational institution and due to its accomplishments in community involvement. The University's academic programming thrust of integrating instruction, research, production, and extension services will be helped greatly by the availability of this data bank.

  3. Provide public access to Sirangan's resources either online or on visit.

    Involvement in regional development makes imperative the accessibility of Sirangan's resources to the public. Sirangan's activity center shall, therefore, be open to the public and its knowledge resources made available online and on-site visit.

  4. Capacitate partner organizations, institutions and communities to access Sirangan's resources.

    The extensive extension services of the University have affected the lives of tens of thousands of families and individuals. Just in the Province of Albay, the University has existing programs and projects in 65 communities. Add to this the University's presence in Camarines Sur, Sorsogon, Camarines Norte and Masbate.

    One venue to enhance capability of organizations formed or assisted by the University, would be Information Technology. Training organizations especially cooperatives on Information Technology would make available to the communities information that may be the key to the success and development of an enterprise. The University, through its IT department, shall therefore train organizations on the use and handling of IT hardware and software. Together with this shall be the efforts of the University to partner with e-waste management centers to make available to the communities computer units that shall be networked with Sirangan.

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