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Now, more than ever, Sirangan is needed by the University. Typhoon "Reming" left the University with a library and IT Laboratory buildings roofless soaking books, journals, references and computer units in rainwater. One IT Laboratory in the first floor was flooded with mudflows destroying all of the computer units in there. All offices as well as the student center that were located in the first floor were swamped also with mud destroying files and office equipment and supplies.

Besides the damages, the University remains threatened by mudflows and floods. The recent Mayon eruption deposited an estimated 10 million cubic meters of lahars on the slopes of the volcano, typhoon "Reming" loosened only around 2.5 million cubic meters that buried houses, farms, and infrastructure. Three-fourths of the deposits remain poised to be loosened by strong rainfall acting like the sword of Damocles to the University.

Combining the damages and the threat, there is therefore the necessity for the University to relocate offices, laboratories and the library to the second floor. This could not be done without erecting a new infrastructure inasmuch as the library building has been substantially weakened to bear dead weights of books, references and journals. Furthermore, the student center building sustained severe damages and the high school building proved too low for floods that repairs are no longer a viable option.

A new infrastructure or building would prove economical than implementing substantial improvements in the repair of the above-mentioned buildings. It would also allow maximum use of existing facilities such as classrooms and laboratories.

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