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What is Sirangan?

Sirangan is a Bikol term which literally means "where the sun rises." Sirangan will be a knowledge resource center for science and technology, culture and the arts, and for information technology. For Aquinas University of Legazpi, it will be a place from where light will shine to illuminate the Bikol Region -- towards development and growth. It is where library services is combined with information technology services allowing students, researchers, market analysts and communities to have fast access to up-to-date, intensive and comprehensive information. It will be sanctuary for birthing and rebirthing.

Sirangan is a center where University clientele, partners, and stakeholders can also conduct learning and training activities. It will also be the administrative center of the University where various colleges and departments hold office.

As an infrastructure, Sirangan will be a building with four floors. This is due to height limitations in the area as the University is situated near the Legazpi Airport runway. The first floor of the building will be elevated as a precaution against future floods and will house the activity center where students, partners, communities and stakeholders can conduct their consultations, meetings, trainings, seminars and workshops. The second floor will have classrooms. The third floor will house the offices of various colleges and departments of the University inasmuch as Sirangan will be situated at the center of the campus easily accessible to other buildings. The fourth floor will house the library and information technology facilities.

As a knowledge resource center, the library will be open for public use, networked with other libraries in the region and elsewhere, with online public access catalog and online reservation and borrowing system, and with computer facilities that are connected to the web. It will have an eLibrary component. The information technology laboratories of the University will be situated here giving students ready access to library services. The center will maintain the University's science and technology center, Bikol collections, and archives.

As an activity center, the first floor will house the University's student development services department, the center for research and extension services and the testing center. Consultation and conference rooms will also be provided at the first floor.

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