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AUL prepares graduating college students to be job-ready

Beginning at 8am, students have begun flooding the Daragang Magayon Hall, ecstatically signing in the attendance sheets despite the drowsiness that still hasn’t left their eyes, apparently excited with the fact that the mere reason they stepped inside the hall on a fine morning of June 23, 2017 is that they are graduating this school year 2017-2018.

Every year, the Office of Alumni, and Public Affairs (OAPA) conducts the Enhanced Placement Program Orientation, aimed to inform and remind the outgoing tertiary students of Aquinas University of Legazpi of the additional events they have to participate in so as to be able to graduate from the university, provided of course that they have been able to satisfy their course requirements and other important matters set before them. Also, this is to help the students to become more prepared to face and ace the dynamic labor market conditions, as Ms. Kristina D. Azaña, the Director of OAPA, have phrased.

Ms. Azaña briefed the graduating students from the four colleges of the university about the various activities they have to attend and participate in, such as the Pabalon Seminar, Mock Interview series, the OJT/ Internship Program, and the AUL Job Fair. For those students who are graduating from board courses, OAPA has an extra prepping activity called the Pep Talk. But before she began the briefing, she made sure that every graduate would not just memorize the mission and vision of Aquinas University, but take into heart the ideals set in it and to align their goals with the university’s.

Throughout the orientation, students have been keenly participative, and they didn’t wait for the open forum before they voiced in their concerns as well as their opinions regarding different matters which have been discussed by Ms. Azaña. Somehow, it reflected that the outgoing students are not lacking in confidence and vibrancy, which is a good sign both for the university and for the student themselves.

“I believe in all of the programs drafted by the OAPA have been organized for the betterment of us,” affirmed Jerome Emman Columna, a 4th year Psychology student from CASE. “The programs are there to help us prepare for many of the things that we will be facing, i.e. job interviews, jobs in general and of course, the brutal and absolutely chaotic job market is especially for graduating students like the many of us who don’t have enough experience yet.”

The next event for the graduating students would be the Pabalon seminar, which will be held at the last week of July. The seminar is aimed to help students better prepare for job interviews and in their future careers. “I can see that they really care for us,” admitted Karla Marie Bertez, a 4th year Fine Arts Student from CEAFA. “I had to shift from Entrepreneurship to Fine Arts because it’s my passion, and in many ways, Aquinas University of Legazpi has been able to help me pursue it and to make me become better, both as a person and as an aspiring artist.

Posted on: 06.23.2017

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