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Office of Research celebrates intellect and culture at the Research Festival 2018

The Office of Research (OR), headed by Director Jet G. Guerrero, is yet to celebrate its first year of operation. Nevertheless, the office has already achieved notable milestones despite the small number of people manning it.

On February 19-22, 2018, the office held a grand celebration of intellect and culture at the yearly Research Festival. But this time, the office made sure that it would be something worth noticing and celebrating. And as it turned out, each event was enthusiastically participated in by both students and faculty from different colleges of the university.

Student Research Conference

Selected research studies conducted by Junior High, Senior High, and College students, were presented beginning from 1 pm on February 19 at the Daragang Magayon Hall (DMH). Each participant was welcomed by none other than own Rector, Rev. Fr. Ernesto Arceo, O.P., and immediately proceeded by Engr. Carmela Mirandilla, the assistant to the director of the Office of Research, to brief about the presentation of research papers.

The topics covered Science and Technology, as well as Psychology, Culture, and other social topics. The conference ended at about 4 pm, with Director Jet Guerrero awarding certificates to the presenters and Susana Cabredo, the Vice President for Academic Affairs, with the closing remarks.

Here is the list of the selected research studies presented at the conference:

Colorimetric Sensor for Mg2+ and Ca2+ by Darlyn Pearl M. Torregoza (SHS)

Cultural Beliefs and Practices of Mothers on Prenatal Care by Louise Ashley D. Razon (CHS)

Evaluation of Antibacterial Property of Biosynthesized Nanoparticles by Joy Marie Therese A. Fernandez (SHS)

UST-Legazpi e-Bulletin with Automated Dissemination via SMS Notification by Louis Lyndon S. Espartinez, Patrick Gregory T. Mataba, Allan R. Reyes, Jr., and Tyrone Christian E. Rocha (CEAFA)

Design and Construction of a Rainwater Collection Purifier by Alexandra Sofia R. Imperial (JHS)

Unearthing from Oblivion: Raising Consciousness on Historical Sites Preservation on Unmarked Historical Sites in Albay and Legazpi City by Renzel T. Baltazar and Arinya V. Phothimon (CASE)

Albayano Folk Narratives and Superstitious Beliefs about Heavenly Bodies by Brian Matthew P. Belen (JHS)

Determination of Hydration Levels of Female Grade 12 Legazpi Thomasians via Digital Imaging Colorimetry by Roselle Adel B. Burce (SHS)

The Psycho-Social Impacts of Travel Exposure on Tourism Students by Abegail B. Bolo, Alyson Mae A. Budy, and Mira Jean C. Racho (CBMA)

A Perspective on Decent Wage for the Minimum Wage Labor Force by Justine Ann P. Amante, Allanis C. Solis, Aaron Florentino B. Borbe, and Mhelar Benedict R. Guzman (SHS)

Faculty Research Conference

On the second day of the Research Festival, February 20, faculty members hailing from different colleges in the university presented their own research studies – a clear proof that learning indeed continues on despite being teachers themselves.

The Faculty Research Conference began at about 8 am, with, of course, Fr. Arceo giving the welcome message. A total of seven research papers were presented at the conference. As if leading by example, Office of Research Director Jet Guerrero presented one research himself.

The studies presented are the ones that have been funded by the Bikol Studies Center to be conducted by the researchers. These were selected due to their intrinsic worth and their unique brilliance.

Here are the faculty research papers presented during the conference:

Biosynthesis of Metallic Nanoparticles using Representative Bikolano Plants by Asst. Prof. Jet G. Guerrero, R.Ch., Ms.C.

Sagugurang Asin Pagtubod: A Catalyst or Inhibitor of Growth? By Ms. Angelica R. Sajuela, LPT

An Nagtagdo by Asst. Prof. Silvino Balasta

A Biological and Philosophical Analysis on Sibang by Mr. Jerahmeel C. Clerigo

A Comparative Analysis between Religion and Consumer Perspective on BT Corn: A Mixed Research Approach by Sonny Jayson C. Tadura

Sarung Banggi: A Showcase of Bicol Cultural Identity by Asst. Prof. Gina B. Alcoriza, MMB

Maogmang Lugar: Happiness Index of Naga City by Ms. Jean Pauline Trilles, LPT

Poster Display Competition

Everyone pacing through the St. Dominic Corridor on February 21 couldn’t help but have their heads turned to the side and notice different posters being erected. Apparently, the Poster Display Competition was ongoing, with Fr. Arceo cutting the ribbon at 9 am, signifying the beginning of the display.

A total of 21 research studies were presented on a poster, showcasing some of the best studies conducted by both students and faculty across the entire university. A couple of hours after the ribbon-cutting ceremony, a panel of evaluators asked by the Office of Research to judge the entries had decided which had won the competition. Later on, the winners were announced and awarded.

Here are the winners of the three categories:


1st place - Physicochemical Characterization of Preformulated Antibacterial Cream from Ethanolic Leaf Extracts of Cordia dichotoma (Rommel Joy M. Aspe, Mariah Nicole Baldemoro, Nicole Estevez, Mark Raven Fraile; CHS)

2nd place - In-vitro Evaluation of Anti-Diabetic Potential of Sansevieria trifaciata var. laurentii (Agavaceae) Leaf Extracts (Erla Marjorie A. Bartolay, Mary Jane Dominique S. Botor, Shanny G. Estera, Donnabel Joy G. Importante; CHS, Jet G. Guerrero)

3rd place – Real time Humidity, Temperature and Water Level Monitoring Website with Time Access Manipulation and Data Accumulation (Justin Roman B. Amargo, Frantz C. Antigua, April Joy B. Cabredo; CEAFA)

Senior High School

1st place - Determining the Level of Beta Carotene in Carrots via Digital Imaging Colorimetry (Aira Francesca Alcazar, Ma. Abby Gale Bandola, Marriane Alecx Barrios, Micaela Mari Guevarra, Roselle Ann Legson; Jet G. Guerrero)

2nd place - Aquinian Wallet (Mika Andrea B. Abalon, Shiena Estera, Nicole Michaela A. Rillo, Nathalie Suzaine C. Alcazar

3rd place – A Critique on Presidential Qualifications Standards (Miguel Ivan M. Dia, Ronie James P. Indaya, Princess Charlaine A. Jarme, Justin D. Averilla, Paul Blanco R. Navarro)

Junior High School

1st place - Mussel Shells (perna Virdis) as additive to Concrete Making (Paolo Miguel Y. Imperial)

2nd place – Perspectives of Adults age 50 and above on the Modern Ways of Courtship (Yestin Joash B. Bergonio)

3rd place – Anting-Anting: An Anthology of Stories (Justine Claire D. Dongon)

The poster displays remained for about a couple of days after the competition.

Lecture Series

At the last day of the festival, participants listened to lecturers discuss more about research from morning until afternoon. At the morning session, Asst. Prof. Jonathan Jaime G. Guerrero, M.Sc, brother of our own Office of Research Director Jet Guerrero, lectured about “Emerging Research Trends in Science, Engineering and Technology” from 9 am until 11 am.

In the afternoon, Mr. John Paul E. Arcilla, In-house Researcher of the Intramuros Administration lectured from 2 pm to 4 pm. He explained about “Philippine History and Heritage Conservation Research.”

Notable administrators were present in the attendance. One was Fr. Arceo who gave the welcome message for both morning and afternoon, and Mrs. Cabredo, who gave the closing remarks.


The festival also gave special attention to research papers by those from the Graduate School that have received Merissitimus – the highest award given to research studies.

The Office of Research is yet to celebrate its first year of operation, and even though the Research Festival is an event that our university has been celebrating for years now, the staff manning the office made sure that this year would be a real celebration of intellect and culture. By and large, “The results are good,” said Engr. Mirandilla, expressing her satisfaction as to the turnout of the conferences and the festival in general.

Our university aims to become a full-fledged research university, and with the efforts continually being exhausted by the Office of Research, with the enthusiastic support of the entire Legazpi Thomasian community, we just might become one, and an excellent one at that.

Posted on: 02.26.2018

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