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Tomorrow’s Outrage

Comments such as “Ano ba ‘yan bakit puro baguhan mga teachers niyo”, “Ganyan talaga pag fresh grad, mahina pa” aren’t new to me anymore. Stereotyping young teachers has been normalized by this generation to the extent that the profession itself has been viewed as lowly and cheap. The young and incoming teachers are the backbone of the education profession. They are the hope and future. Imagine being responsible for the upbringing of several novel minds while being a novel mind yourself. Isn’t calling them weak and unfitting to teach an irony when in fact these people are sharing their knowledge just immediately after gaining it. Three year ago, I received my elementary yearbook, it had my name, section, motto and my dream career, and I smiled as I saw what was written: “Teacher”. Two year ago, newbie and veteran teachers were assigned to my class, the lack of experience and confidence was evident in some while the others brought fresh knowledge and ideas to the table. As a young student with a ripe mind I never criticized them based on their age or seniority, I only listened and opened my mind to whatever they had to offer. At the end of the day we all still learned and gained, so why do we make age such a big deal? Just a few months ago, a relative asked me what I wanted to study for college and I said may be psychology or education and he clearly wasn’t impressed. Teaching before was re spected and loved-by-many career but why do we see it as a low-paying and wasteful job today?

Out of thousands of education graduates every year how many are of equality? How many are worthy of being called “good teachers”? We worry too much about the cream of the crop but can we just appreciate the crop as a whole? As the part of the rapid growing population that merely benefits from educational workers the only way we can help is to support and prioritize them, new and experienced LPTs alike. Instead of putting teachers down for their mistakes, bring them up for their important contribution to today’s and tomorrow’s generation.

Posted on: 10.07.2019

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