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Young Teachers: The future of the Profession

I have many ideas about my future. I have been thinking for awhile now and of them could be a teacher. This would be really unlikely but it would be a possibility if I was in desperate need for a job. I also have many ideas for this paper so let’s start with the title. “Young Teachers: The future of the Profession”. Yes, this is the name of the theme because the name for the theme is so good that I can’t resist but use it for the title of this paper. Let’s breakdown the title. “Young Teachers” this could have many possible meanings. The first possible meaning could be that it’s talking about young aged teachers or teachers that have the attitude or optimism of a child. Another meaning could be that there are children that are inspired or are an aspiring teacher and want to teach other people when they’re older and share the things they’re learning now. Let’s on to this segment of the title. “The future of the profession”. This also has a lot of possible meaning. The first could be that the way professions are today will change a small amount or maybe even a lot. Another could be that professions will be easier, by that I mean learning professions will be easier because of how advanced we will become by the time we’re able to get jobs. The combination of these words mean: People at young age today will be ones to teach the people in the future the way to be good at the profession they want to have. Teachers are important. They are the ones that teach us when others don’t. They help us and teach us every step to being successful and going to adulthood. They are with us for so long that you can call them your second parents. Our future and the things around us are changing rapidly and we should adapt to it along the way. Most people that are successful have dropped out of school around the time of college. I have a possible reason for that. It could be that elementary and high school have the most important lessons and by the time you get to college you forget anything before that to make space to learn in your brain to learn the things that you will learn in college. Young teachers around the age of 19-22 are usually fresh out of college and immediately start teaching after they finish college. They’re usually confused on what to teach because the only thing they can usually remember are the things from college and those lessons don’t fit into the grade level they’re teaching. Without teachers for preparatory, elementary, and high school, learning this would be really hard and many people won’t know what to do when they grow up. The things that they’d want to do would most likely be really confusing for them and won’t know what to do, resulting into more people being jobless. Without people working or having no jobs more people would have no money, no money will result into less people buying products or services from people that have a job. No people buying products will result into bankruptcy causing the business to most likely shutdown. Jobs closing will result into a world without jobs. Without people working for one another the world would probably never be the same and may cause wars. All of this would possibly happen without teachers. That just shows how important teachers are to the world. While there are still teachers in this world we should respect them and listen to them because of how important they are to the world. While there are still teachers in this world we should respect them and listen to them because of how important they are to the world. While the events are extremely exaggerated it is still a possibility.

Posted on: 10.07.2019

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