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UST-Legazpi conducts disaster drill

The University of Santo Tomas-Legazpi (UST-Legazpi) conducted a disaster drill (earthquake, fire, and mass casualty incident) on Feb. 27, 2019, in the Rawis Campus. The disaster drill was spearheaded by the UST-Legazpi Emergency Response Team.

The disaster drill consisted of six phases which were observed by the Legazpi Thomasian community. First, there was an alarm, a pre-arranged signal like striking of the bell for one minute, which indicates the earthquake. Second, all students, employees, canteen personnel, parents, and visitors should move away from windows, glass, or light fixtures. In this phase, everyone is advised to perform the “Duck, Cover, and Hold” under desks, tables, or chairs. Everyone should remain in this position until the “shaking” (striking of the bell) stops. Evacuation of the building is the next step. Everyone should vacate the building in a single file, keep right, and hands on top of the head while they proceed to the identified evacuation areas. In the assembly, all students must be grouped together according to the class where they belong and the employees must be grouped together according to their office. Faculty members and building commanders should check and make sure all students and employees are accounted for. Lastly, the evaluation was conducted by the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP).

BFP has identified the incident command post, the execution of first aid, and the observance of safety measures (duck, cover, and hold) as the strengths of the disaster drill. However, the alarm system still needs to be improved. All in all, UST-Legazpi garnered a 9.5 overall rating.

Posted on: 02.28.2019

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