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Aquinas University of Legazpi's academically rigorous curriculum enables students to combine serious theoretical study with meaningful real-time learning experiences. Whatever major the students choose, they acquire a solid foundation in the liberal arts and pursue in-depth study in their chosen fields.

The Graduate School serves as a resource for adults striving to enhance their personal and professional lives in a constantly changing world. Students who leave our classrooms are well prepared for the next step in their careers. The Graduate School offers numerous master's and doctorate degree programs and broadly humanistic training for professions in law, finance and industry, government and public service, ecclesiastical leadership and education, nursing, psychology, social work, and academic scholarship.

The Aquinas University Integrated Schools has two curricula: PAASCU Level II accredited, the Science High School's curriculum is suited to the Mathematics- and Science-inclined students. Offered in 2004, the Special Program in the Arts caters to the more artistically inclined.

All students meet with a student services counselor prior to enrollment and throughout the duration of the program. This counseling provides students with an understanding of their academic status and the requirements that must be satisfied for completion of their degree program.

All freshmen participate in the Freshman Advising Program that includes summer orientation activities and the Introduction to College Studies course in the first semester. Students are invited to one of three summer orientations. Two of the orientations are held in May, and the third orientation is held in June just before the beginning of the first semester.

The Essentials of Learning Program is for applicants for admission who do not meet standard admission criteria because they have a high school GPA below 2.00 in college preparatory classes and/or have recommendations from high school teachers or counselors. This program emphasizes effective study skills, academic counseling, and learning strategies appropriate for courses across the curriculum. The goal of the program is to optimize the opportunities of success for at-risk students.

In collaboration with the Department of Languages, Literature and Humanities, one of its members teaches a Basic Writing Skills course for developmental writers. This course helps to diagnose and remediate deficiencies in grammar, usage, sentence structure, and writing. Students are introduced to the writing process, encouraged to write based on readings, and helped to develop writing confidence.

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