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Guidelines for Qualitative Researches

  1. Generally, the details of the qualitative research paper should be:
    1. What you studied and why (Research problem or Objectives of the study)
    2. Background of the study (Basis of the study)
    3. How you went about the research (Description of the steps or procedures)
    4. What you discovered (Findings), and
    5. What are the implications of your results (Interpretations and Implications)
  2. Specifically, the content format of the final qualitative research paper is as follows:
    1. Recommendation for Oral Examination (separate page)
    2. Approval Sheet (separate page)
    3. Editor's Certification (separate page)
    4. Results Sheet (separate page)
    5. Research Title
    6. Abstract (not more than 350 words)
    7. Key Concepts (not more than five concepts)
    8. Rationale/Objectives
    9. Review of Literature
    10. Conceptual Framework or Analytical Framework
    11. Methodology (Research Design)
    12. Results, Interpretations, and Implications
    13. Conclusion
    14. References
  3. For Communication Program, Creative Work, in lieu of the Thesis, shall be the research requirement with the following components:
    1. Rationale/Objectives
    2. Conceptual Framework
    3. Research Design
    4. Analysis and Discussion
    5. References
    6. Creative Work Itself (short film, documentary film, indie film, etcetera)
  4. For Teacher Education Program, Action Research or Teaching Module, instead of the Thesis, shall be the research requirement.
  5. The student researcher(s) shall submit a final qualitative research paper based on the following technical format:
    1. Generally, the Style of Documentation for qualitative research is APA 2010, except for Literature with MLA 2000.
    2. Default font used should be Arial 12.
    3. The default font for the paper title should be Arial 16; texts should be centered and in bold type.
    4. The default font for the author's name and affiliations should be Arial 12; texts should be centered and in bold type.
    5. Include the author's e-mail address right below the author's name with the default font Arial 12, with the texts centered.
    6. The 'Abstract' should be justified with single-line spacing and the default font as Arial 10.
    7. The margins should be based on short bond paper size (8.5” x 11”).
    8. The left and right margins should be set at 1”.
    9. The main text of the research report should be justified with single-line spacing in default font Arial 12.
    10. References must be cited properly in the text of the research report. Follow the AQ guidelines for in-text citations reference list formats.
    11. Tables and figures should be properly captioned and numbered. For figures, the caption should appear clear below each figure. For tables, the caption should appear immediately above the table. Place all the figures and tables at the center of the page. 
    12. Paper length, in general, is limited to a minimum of ten pages and maximum of 40 pages, double-spaced. For Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, English Language, and Literature, a minimum number of 40 pages are required; for Teacher Education and Communication, a minimum number of ten pages.
    13. Key concepts should be clearly indicated and a maximum number of five concepts only.
  6. For research proposal, student researchers are required to accomplish and submit Research Proposal Action Sheet (AR-003) and Research Proposal Guide document composed of the following:
    1. Research Title
    2. Rationale
    3. Statement of the Research Problem or Objectives
    4. Review of Literature
    5. Conceptual Framework
    6. Methodology
    7. References
  7. The grading system for both the research proposal and final defenses will be as follows:
    • Research Quality (60%)
      • Subtance (50%)
      • Mechanics/Format (10%)
    • Oral Defense (40%)
      • Clarity of Ideas (15%)
      • Mastery of Topic (15%)
      • Style of Presentation (10%)
  8. Final research paper can only be submitted if it is already signed by the editor, panel of oral examiners, adviser, and college dean respectively. A CD copy (in .pdf format) will also be required from the student researchers in submitting a hard copy of the final research paper.
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