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Aquinas University of Legazpi as a dynamic and proficient center of education rests on the premise that education should be transformative, creative, and relevant. It is an academic institution that believes in excellence and perfection and therefore should establish mechanisms ensuring the creation and production of new knowledge significant to the Bikol region, national community, and the world. Research serves as the medium that connects instruction to the extension activities of the University. Convergence of the three pillars would mean higher quality of education and realization of higher academic standard.

Main Objectives

  • To consolidate efforts of the different departments in integrating instruction, research, and extension.
  • To streamline the research program with the research agenda and the academic transformation of convergence.

General Objective

  • To establish research as the link between instruction and extension activities in the University
  • To bridge the gap between theoria learned in the instruction and extension activities in the University
  • To ground instruction to the community extension programs of the University
  • To condurct researches based on the needs and priorities of the Bikol region in particular and of the nation in general
  • To realize the University thrust of convergence
  • To establish research culture in the AQ community through well articulated research agenda
  • To create an action group that would serve as the pool of researchers of the University

Specific Objectives

  • To research on the relevance and effectiveness of teacher education to the interests and achievements of students in the different disciplines
  • To research on strategies, programs, and projects for the livelihood and sustainable development
  • To research on the richness of indigenous culture and the ways and forms by which it can be developed, showcased, and appreciated.
  • To research on systems and procedures, theories and concepts, models and frameworks on the different disciplines for full realization of transformative education.


  • Systematic, rationalized, well-coordinated, participatory research programs and activities in the University
  • Members (administrators, faculty, personnel, and students) of the Aquinian community are research-based and arereflective of the research culture in the University
  • The University contributes in the empowerment of the Bikolano people in their various activities through research
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