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Student Life

College is the ideal time to expand your horizons. You move away from home, make critical decisions, and do everything without your parent's supervision. Though you will be leading an independent life, college still has many rules. In this page, you will be provided with all the information you need to know when studying at Aquinas University of Legazpi. You will instantly feel what it's like to be studying at AQ once the first semester begins. You'll discover all the resources available that would help in your academic and social growth.

AQ also gives you the chance to experience a huge array of activities outside of the classroom that will also contribute to your overall growth as a person. Find your voice at the different issues that confronts the University and the society, discover your inkling and passion, and learn the importance of having high quality education-all these can be experienced at Aquinas University of Legazpi.

Career Preparation

Aquinas University of Legazpi prepares its students to be well-balanced individuals in a range of different aspects. The University offers curricula that are based on the needs of every student, be it in the field of business, sciences, education, or engineering. Academic excellence is the very foundation of the university. Not only does it provide high quality education but it also allows students to be exposed to the actual work settings through the various practicum programs of the courses in the university. Right after graduation, AQ graduates can easily land on their prospective jobs because of their potentials not just on the theoretical knowledge they acquired in the university but also their ability to rise up to every challenge at work.


Aquinas University of Legazpi takes pride in every achievement of its students in the field of academics, arts, sports, and many others. In the region, the university is said to be the home of achievers as it boast of many awards and honors from the different institutions in the society. AQ graduates also make the entire AQ community through the honor they bring by passing the board exams, bar exams and LET exams. The recognitions given to the university and its students are the manifestation of its academic excellence.

Critical Thinkers

The life of an Aquinian is not only buried in books as both students and educators are given the chance to speak up their concerns on the different issues that haunt the society. As a concrete proof, the university is one of institutions that are against Rapu-Rapu mining. The Lafayette mine, located in the island of Rapu-Rapu, is causing fish kills in the area. This situation prompted the university and other institutions to act and ask for the closure and pull-out of Lafayette's mining operations and indemnification for the island's affected communities.

As students, Aquinians are encouraged to participate in worthwhile social activities that could help alleviate the community's situation. Aquinians are not taught to be passive instead they are challenged to question the existing system that could endanger the majority. All these are taught in this premier university.

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