About Us

Institutional Objectives

  • To comply with the requirements of a research university;
  • To improve student performance;
  • To work for the local and international accreditation of academic programs;
  • To ensure sustainability and viability by having competent employees, and by developing and implementing effective quality systems, procedures and sound resource management;
  • To promote health of mind and body through sustained scientifically-based and other wellness programs;
  • To respond to the changing local and global challenges;
  • To establish UST-Legazpi as the center for Bicol studies;
  • To be the center for environmental protection, disaster risk management and preparedness;
  • To engage all stakeholders in community development and extension programs
  • To optimize our talents for self-actualization, communal welfare and regional distinction;
  • To create among Legazpi Thomasians a culture of charity borne out of gratitude;
  • To create an educational environment that promotes and instills robust sense of Christian and professional values for public service;
  • To be the center for training and development of faculty in various fields of education, especially in Catechetical formation;
  • To promote within the University a work ethic in the spirit of service, collegiality and solidarity;
  • To offer spiritual, moral and emotional formation programs to members of our community; and
  • To strengthen our commitment as stewards of God’s creation by maintaining a balanced and healthful ecology, and as advocates of social justice through equitability in economic relations and respect for human rights and cultural diversity.