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AQ Hymn

Lyrics by:
D. Nasayao
Fr. Virgilio Ojoy, O.P
Fr. H. Pama, O.P

Music by: Bro. Conrado Botor, O.P

Rearranged by: Fr. Allen De Guzman, O.P

We sing a song as we behold
Your timeless beauty and truth unfold
We thank the lord who to us bestowed
This melody sung in harmony

To you we offer the seeds we sow
With your spirit we'll always go
Into the future we'll walk with you
And follow your path to be faithful and true.


Aquinas, Aquinas, let a ray of your brightness
Free us from the darkness
Aquinas, Aquinas, let your glowing ember
Teach our hearts to serve forever.

We entrust to you our land revered
We'll share with you our dreams fulfilled
We thank the lord through all our days
To Alma Mater we sing this praise.

(Repeat Chorus 2x)