Vision of the College of Arts, Sciences and Education

The College of Arts, Sciences and Education (CASE) envisions itself to be a sanctuary of excellence in the Communication Arts, Liberal Arts, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, and Teacher Education, forming graduates, complemented with research and community involvement, nurtured with nationalism, social responsibility, and leadership and enriched with Bicolano, Filipino, Dominican, Catholic, and Christian values.

Mission Statement of the College

CASE is a seat of learning that forms the youth to become artists, scientists, educators, scholars, and leaders who are intellectually and emotionally mature, morally upright, highly skilled, and globally competitive.

Goals of the College

  1. COD in all AB and Teacher Education programs by 2025.

  2. Above-average passing percentage in all board programs.

  3. PAASCU Accredited programs.

  4. Research-oriented faculty.

  5. Progressive faculty development program.

  6. Community-responsive extension program.

  7. Proactive academic advising.
  8. Christian, Dominican, Filipino and Bicolano-nurturing identity.

Objectives of the College

  1. Act as agents of change towards the development of the community and people;

  2. Improve student performance through effective and updated instruction and proactive academic advising;

  3. Initiate, formulate, and publish scholastic researches and studies;

  4. Lead a Christian life of modesty, discipline, transparency, and integrity;

  5. Offer programs that would address the development needs of the community, the region, and the nation, where technology is sustainable, cost-effective, theory process-based, ethics-bound, demonstrating best practices in teacher education and leadership across the various fields of discipline;

  6. Prepare its graduates to become dynamic leaders imbued with values and attitudes that will be necessary in effecting a humane, socially responsible and God-loving educational environment;

  7. Adopt and practice quality assurance systems and standards in instruction, research, extension and administration; and

  8. Instill concern and involvement in global, national and local issues affecting the well-being of the country and the community.

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