Request Transcript

The transcript of record is the student's complete and permanent academic record. The Office of the Registrar is tasked to prepare, maintain and retain this academic record. Since it contains important information of the student, no other person or institution could claim the transcript of records.

If you wish to apply for your transcript, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Know your student # and fill-up the application form completely.
  2. Seek clearance and pay the necessary fees.
    n.b.: Re-issuance of OTR/Diploma requires only clearance/approval from Finance Division and Dean's office.
  3. Submit one latest 2 x 2 photo & one piece of documentary stamp.
  4. File accomplished application form for processing.
  5. Ask for the "Claim Stub." The claim stub indicates when to follow-up/receive your request, and it should be presented when claiming for the request

The processing duration of the transcript takes one month. To be sure, you can follow up your request after the third week of your application.