Human Resource and Management Office

In every institution, the Human Resource plays a crucial role. Recognizing the importance of this office, Aquinas University of Legazpi has a pool of competent HR staff to make sure that every AQ department is correctly staffed by the precise number of employees with skills relevant to the office's needs. Apart from this, the Human Resource Management Office handles the recruitment, hiring, placement, salary and benefits administration, and training and development of AQ personnel. This office also has the responsibility of carrying out labor activities.

Other functions of the Human Resource and Management Office are as follows:

  • Plan and supervise training and staff development.
  • Devise policies pertaining to the rules and regulations to be followed by the AQ employees.
  • Disseminate the new approved AQ policies and regulations to the concerned employees.
  • Evaluate and develop salary schemes and benefits of employees.
  • Carry out job evaluation and wage review.
  • Handle labor activities.
  • Devise, revise, and implement policies regarding recruitment, hiring, transfer and promotion of staff.