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SWAMP: Coastal Clean Up now on its 4th year sets off for SY 2017-2018


Fifty-seven students and employees from Aquinas University of Legazpi (AUL) commenced the bi-monthly SWAMP: Coastal Clean-up for SY 2017-2018 on July 8, 2017 at 6:30 am. The clean-up took place at coastal area of Rawis, Legazpi City. Despite the cool winds, the gray sky and the drizzle of the Saturday morning, participants actively collected bags of plastics (wrappers, diapers, and all sort of plastics) from the shore.This week, Ms. Ruby Ann Lumabi, an Anduyog Volunteer, served as the in-charge of the activity.

Participants came from CEAFA (29 students, 2 Faculty Members, 1 Dean), CBMA (18) and CASE (5).

Saving Water Against Manís Pollution (SWAMP): Coastal Clean Up is a bi-monthly Clean Up done at the coastal area of Rawis, Legazpi City, organized by the Anduyog Youth Volunteers Movement and participated by various students and employees from colleges and departments of the university. This program intends to inculcate the value of environmental protection and conservation.

For a total of 14 clean ups, below is the proposed Schedule of Clean Ups for SY 2017-2018. SWAMP_table of schedule

The AUL Center for Community Involvement (CCI) thru the Anduyog Youth Volunteers Movement (AYVM) is looking forward for the participation of the Aquinian community. All AUL students and employees are encouraged to participate as we materialize our objectives in nurturing the environment. A pre-registration is done at the CCI office. The people from the community are also encouraged as they shall be the main beneficiaries of this project.

Let us all be one in saving and protecting our environment!

Posted on: 07.12.2017