An Administrative Research
by Rev. Fr. Roberto G. Reyes, O.P.


When Fr. Ramonclaro G. Mendez, OP was Rector and President of Aquinas University of Legazpi, he coined the tagline, “SOAR HIGH”. Not too long after that, another neighboring educational institution took the cue and emblazoned in front of their campus a sign saying “SOAR HIGHER”. Was this a happy case of coincidence? Maybe. The Rector and author of the tagline, however, was laughing silently albeit quite victoriouslybecause unbeknownst to many, “SOAR” was meant to be an acronym for “Spirit Of Aquinas Rising”. Therefore, when another institution used it, that institution only promoted, quiteunwittingly,Aquinas University.

When Fr. Ernesto M. Arceo, OP succeeded Fr. Mendez as rector and president, a new tagline was introduced -“Nurturing the mind, enriching the spirit”. It was not merely an ambitious attempt to catch the attention of prospective students, assure their parents and hopefully drum up enrollment. Neither was it a clever ploy to sound profound and noble. It proclaimed to the public the university’s serious commitment not only to academic learning but also to moral formation. The Rector has been quite earnest in tirelessly reminding the community of learners that the education we provide at Aquinas must form a critical mind and an honest heart.

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Posted on: 02.23.2017