Achiever's Page

Aquinas University of Legazpi takes pride in every achievement of its students in the field of academics, arts, sports, and many others. In the region, the university is said to be the home of achievers as it boast of many awards and honors from the different institutions in the society. AQ graduates also make the entire AQ community through the honor they bring by passing the board exams, bar exams and LET exams. The recognitions given to the university and its students are the manifestation of its academic excellence.

Architecture Board Passers

BAR Passers

Caregiving NC II TESDA Assessment Passers

Civil Engineering Board Passers

Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) Board Passers

Electronics Engineers

Licensure Examamination for Teachers (LET) Passers

Midwifery Exam Passers

Nursing Licensure Exam Passers

Pedagogy LET Passers

TESDA Qualification (Caregiving NC II) Passers

TESDA Qualification (Computer Hardware Servicing NC II) Passers